Best Foods for your horse

Horses need a great deal of attention and care. Food is one of the requirements which owners have to see to. Too much or too less can affect your horse’s health. They might also require other additional supplements. You also have to make a schedule and stick to the routine. Horses require fodder that is at least 1.5 – 2% of their total weight every day. Hence measure accordingly and feed your horse. Also, note that even if you give the right amount and best food available your horse still won’t be healthy without exercise.Here are the foods best for your horse:


Hay is the best option when you don’t have a good pasture around. You should make sure that you know what type of hay you are feeding your horse. Knowing it will help you know what types of nutrients are in it. It is also necessary to see the amount of hay you feed your horse and check for moulds, weeds and dirt if there are any. Alfalfa hay is one of the most popular hays which is rich in protein, calories and calcium. If it is too rich in all these, you can always buy mixed hays because excessive protein, calories and calcium aren’t good.


Horses have always been living off of grass even before they were owned by human beings. If you have or get a good pasture, it is one of the best feeds for your horse having all the required amount of nutrients. Some of the good grasses for horses are bluegrass, brome, Bermuda grass, orchard grass, brome, timothy and fescue. It is also said that grass is necessary for the dental health of horses.


You can feed grains to your horses but not in a large quantity. Most grains are rich in calories and poor in other nutrients, therefore, it is important to limit the amount that is fed. Oats are the most common grains fed to horses. Sometimes wheat bran, corn and barley are fed, but it is better to choose oats over the rest.


There are blocks of salt called salt lick available for purchase. Some of them might be plain salt, and some blocks are mixed with minerals. It is consumed more often when horses are tired or when they sweat more. Hence you might see that they consume more during summer. During summer, the plain salt lick is better because if you feed your horse the ones mixed with minerals, your horse might consume excessive minerals which are not good.


Treats are not encouraged by many. It should be used only when you want to train your horse or make them learn something. As an owner, you might be tempted to feed them treats often, but too many treats are harmful. If you do give them treats, do it in small amounts. Some of the healthy and good treats you can use are apples, carrots, celery, beans, other vegetables, etc.


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