Best Horse Breeds in the world

For someone who owns a horse, you would understand how precious and wonderful horses can be. Sometimes one can’t help but consider horses as a member of the family. There are more than 350 breeds of horses and ponies in the world, each breed having something or the other unique from the other. Depending on what purpose you want a horse; each breed can have additional points over another. Here is our list of best breeds of horses in the world.

  • Appaloosa:

The Appaloosa breed is known for its unique spotted looks. Originating from North America and weighing 1100 pounds, the Appaloosa has often been used for racing, endurance riding, jumping, dressage, mounted athletics and general riding. They are said to be intelligent, independent, tough and extremely fast learners.

  • Arabian horse:

The Arabian horse weighs 950 pounds and has often been used for racing, endurance riding, jumping and general riding. Originating from Arabia, it is one of the most popular and preferred breeds of horses. The Arabian horse has a long arched neck and beautiful mane. It is also said to be one of the oldest breeds and is known for its versatility and intelligence. The Arabian horse is one of the fastest horses in the world.

  • Quarter horse:

Earning the title most popular breed in America, the Quarter horse lives up to its name as this horse is owned by many in the country. Weighing at around 1075 pounds, the Quarter Horse originated from North America. This breed is frequently used for work, dressage, barrel racing, jumping, rodeo, hunting, mounted athletics and general riding. The Quarter horses are commonly used in competitions, and they are the best for short distances.

  • Thoroughbred:

This breed is perfect for speed, endurance and agility. The Thoroughbred originated from England and generally weighs 1000 pounds. They are commonly used for racing, dressage, jumping, general riding, hunting and mounted athletics. Thoroughbred horses would be one of the best choices for any speed related sports or events as well as racing.

  • Paint horse:

The Paint horses have originated from North America and are well known for their usage in rodeo, dressage, jumping and general riding. They usually weigh 1150 pounds and have good temperament making it easy for equestrians to handle them. Besides competitions, Paint horses are also used in cattle work. Just like its name sounds, they look like they have been painted upon. They look beautiful and elegant.

  • Andalusian horse:

This majestic ancient breed, Andalusian originated from the Iberian Peninsula. Weighing around 900 pounds, it is frequently used for mounted Athletics, dressage, stock horses, bullfighting, jumping, general riding and work. The existence of Andalusian horses has been recorded since the 15th century making it one of the oldest breeds of horses beside the Arabian horses. This breed has also been often used during wars. People who have owned them praise the breed for being easy to train with, learn quickly, smart and strong with a good temperament.

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