How to take care of your horse?

The idea of owning a horse is exciting and interesting. Horses can become your best friend, and you can always go on long ventures with your horse. You can also participate in competitions and sports events with your horse. But before you do that you should know that you have a responsibility to take care of your horse. It is not an easy task and requires an effort because it requires consistency and a schedule. Hence own a horse only if you are sure you are ready. For those who are ready to buy one and for those who just started owning a horse here are some tips to take good care:


Horses have to be fed minimum two times a day. They eat roughage and hay. The amount of hay to be fed depends on the breed of your horse. Hence do approach an expert or a veterinarian to find out how much you should give. You shouldn’t give too much or too less because it also depends on the size of your horse and the amount of exercise he/she takes in a day. Too much or not enough feed can cause problems in their health. Their hoofs also develop problems. Horses need a good amount of water daily. Horses have to drink at least 5 to 15 gallons of water daily.


It is important that you construct a good strong stable with enough room for your horse to stay in. You should first find out an ideal size for a horse and then construct accordingly. But do note that horses are not meant to stay in their shelters for long hours. They need to go out and exercise. Stables and barns are only supposed to protect them from calm weather and heat conditions. If you have fences around your home, do make sure that they are not barbed fences. Since horses graze, it is also necessary that you check the pasture available in your land and find out if they are suitable for horses.


Grooming will help you take care of your horse’s health. You should brush your horse on a daily basis and clean the brush after usage. In the process of grooming, you make sure that your horse does not have ticks or cuts. Cleaning the hooves carefully is very important. You might find small stones, glass or small particles that affect your horse’s movement. Do polish the hooves of your horse and clean it with the hoof pick. If you put off grooming, then your horse can become sick or certain areas can become infectious. Check for fungus in their hooves too.


Regular needed vaccinations should be kept up to date. Make sure to give your horse worm medicines regularly. Worms tend to form or enter a horse’s body through what they eat. It is also a must for everyone who owns horses to have a first aid kit. Do consult a veterinarian for all these health care.

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