Interesting facts about Horses

Horses have been with human beings for a long time. In the past, they have been a source of transportation, entertainment, help for work and were often used during wars. Many of us know the use of horses as the points above. A lot of us have seen horses only through our screens and don’t know much about them. There are many interesting facts about horses that you might not know about. We have mentioned some of them here.

  • Research has revealed that horses have an excellent memory. They have a good memory of remembering places even if they visited it just once. They also remember if owners have been good or bad to them even after years.
  • Equid hybrids exist. What are equid hybrids? They are hybrids of horses, zebras and donkeys. When there is a hybrid between horses and donkeys, they are called hinny.
  • Horses have very good eyesight. Among all the land animals, horses have the biggest eyes, and they can see almost 360 degrees. Did you know that they have three eyelids?Even though they have good eyesight, they do have blind spots. Make sure to not stand behind a horse because if they kick out of defence, it is extremely dangerous. And the kick pretty hard!
  • Horses do not have a specific sleeping pattern. They can sleep by either standing up or lying down.
  • Have you ever seen a horse widening its mouth as if they are laughing? They are not laughing. It is something called flehmen where they respond in that manner when they want to find out if a smell is good or bad.
  • Did you know that you can get an estimated age of a horse by scanning its teeth? On an average, the life expectancy of a horse is 25-30 years. The oldest horse to live was Old Billy who lived till 62 years.
  • The unit of measurement used to measure the height of a horse is called hands. The average height of horses is 1.4m to 1.8m.
  • In today’s world, horses are used in various fields. There is a huge business in the world of horses. They have been widely used in sports and entertainment. There are competitions often held all over the world. Horses are given a great deal of attention and care for these purposes. Horses have also been used in the police unit in countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia.
  • If you see a herd of horses resting or sleeping, do take a good look. You’ll find that at least one of them is up looking out for the herd. Isn’t that cool?
  • There are more than 300 breeds of horses in the world. The Arabian horse is one of the oldest and most popular breeds amongst these. It is also interesting that the skeletal structure of Arabian horses is different from other horses.
  • Did you know that there is something called ‘equine assisted therapy’? Horses have helped many people with mental health problems.

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