I Live in a City – Can I Have a Horse?

Have you been struggling in the city without a friend mare? Dreaming of having a horse for so long you don’t know what to do?

We feel your pain but that’s why we also love the countryside. Here, there are no questions such as this. We love horses, these beautiful, strong and intelligent creatures. They need freedom. But if you can’t drag the horse to the city, should you move to the countryside?

If you desperately want to have a horse, there are a few options.

Horses in the city

horback city

‘These boots are made for walking…’

But these streets are not made for horseback riding.

As it is now, due to public safety, most cities forbid riding horses in the streets. Not to mention how impractical that would be (think of all the times you would have to stop and pick up horse manure).

So, that also means that keeping a horse in the city is horribly impractical (and we are not talking apartments). Imagine, if you have a house in the city, you would have to drive your horse out of the urban area every time.

But it’s not all lost. In the city you might find a stable. Nowadays they are as frequent as pools and gyms, shooting ranges and racing tracks. It is not the same as owning your own horse but it’s OK as a staring point.

Your Own Horse

If you want to own a horse, you must keep in mind the cost, care and the attention it needs. First of all, a horse may easily cost you upwards of $2000 plus couple of hundred dollars every month. But more importantly, you need to give it attention.

owning horse

At least every couple of days you should at least come to it, talk, groom. Horses are incredibly intelligent and social. You will see a trust growing between you two but that will not happen if it’s only a weekend project for you.

At this point you may come to a realization that horses are hard. And they are. The best way, if you are scared of the fact that horses require lots of attention, is to follow this link and find yourself some horse-themed games.

But if you did realize that taking care of horses is hard and you still want one, we are sure you are ready to be an owner.

Here’s what you should note. Depending on a city, there may not be any problems for you to get and keep a horse. Even New York has several horse riding academies while horse racing is popular across the cities of the U.S. So, instead of thinking it’s impossible, try to find a solution. You never know.


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