How Long Does a Horse Run?

Do you know betting but want to try something different from football or basketball? One solution could be “hacking”. One of the first questions you will ask is: How long does a horse race last?

Before answering, we try to get to know this fascinating sport better.

Horse racing has existed for millennia. From the Romanes to the medieval paleos, this sport has always attracted a great deal of interest, especially thanks to the bond he has with betting, making him gain a large number of enthusiasts among the most wealthy classes. Indeed, the presence of high-ranking spectators has made some horse races of real world events in which to show off wealth and fortune.

Let’s see them together

Royal Ascot (Berkshire, England): a race for pure blood. It takes place near the British Royal House in Windsor. The race is known for its strong worldly connotation.

-Kentucky Derby (Louisville, USA): takes place every year on the first Saturday in the Churchill Downs racecourse and sees only three-year British pure-blood racing. Just over two kilometers and so much adrenaline for a fast race whose winner is gifted with a remarkable composition of white and pink roses

– Palio di Siena (Siena, Italy): if you think horse racing is boring, you have never seen the Palio di Siena that takes place on July 2 and August 16 in Piazza del Campo. Since 1644, ten horses representing ten of the seventeen districts in which the city is divided challenge themselves in this ring circuit immersed in the magic of the most important square in Siena.

– Dubai World Cup (Dubai, United Arab Emirates): inaugurated in 1996, this race in March was renamed “the richest race in the world” as the prize money to the winner of the absolute is about 10 million dollars!

Melbourne Cup (Melbourne, Australia): From 1861, from 3 pm on the first Tuesday of November, the Flemington racecourse is a staging event that involves the entire Australian nation. Not just a sporting event but almost a national holiday.

After this round of the world, let’s go back to the main theme of this article, that is: how long does a horse race last?

The duration of a race is influenced by different factors, including the race type and the length of the circuit. But it can take really long time… How could you spend your time effectively? First option –  play free pokies games for mobiles. Its free and fun and the most important – you don‘t need to have a laptop with you.

As for the type of race you can find

– “flat” racing: the circuit on which you compete is straight or oval.

– Steeplechasing: horses must run by jumping on obstacles on the way.

– He ran to the trot: the horses draw a slider (sulky) on which the driver (driver) takes the place.

– Resistance races: they offer very long routes, usually between 40 and 161 km.

Excluding the case of Endurance races, the length of horse racing runs from 800 to 2000 meters.

That being said, in order to define the duration of a horse racing you have to multiply the average speed of a horse with the meters to go.

If we talk of a gallop race (flat or obstacles), one race must come to cover 400m in 22 seconds, so the duration of a race is around 2 minutes.

During the trotting races, however, the sulky reaches 55 km / h but considering the longer length of the circuits (the longest is 2700 m), the duration extends to even less than 3 minutes.

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